The Crew



Bruce Davey
Ship Master, Chief Story teller

Bruce wants to take you on a ride you will never forget; filled with crazy quotes, tall stories, some history, fascinating legends and raucous.

 Drawing The Line

Bruce's passion for the ocean recently saw him produce the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Drawing The Line’ to help get this message out Bruce has now released his documentary free on Youtube.

Devoted to Making Your Cruise a once in a Lifetime Experience
Our crew are experienced sea faring professionals who know every little trick the sea has up its sleeve.




Juanita Davey
Blue Water and Wilderness specialist

Juanita is an intrepid explorer, discovering hidden wonders in every place she visits. 

Tiger Davey
Engineer, Senior Guide, Deckhand

Always up for sharing his knowledge, you'll find this tenacious young man delightful company.

Tom Fowler
Senior Guide, Adventure Extraordinaire

Tom will take you out and about to explore the pristine, azure waters surrounding the Wessel Islands.

Prue Spence
Chef, Guide, Deckhand

Prue is passionate and creative. She will provide you with fantastic meals using the fish that you catch each day. She is a talented dessert chef so beware!

A Little Bit About


Age Limit 12 - 101 

Life on a vessel sure can be fun, but it’s important for everyone to be safe. Children travelling with a legal parent or guardian must be aged 12 or over, be able to swim and must follow all safety procedures. Ultimately, children are the responsibility of their parent or guardian.


In addition to packing an amazing fun filled adventure, the Wildcard Luxury Cruises crew also exceeds the minimum standard required the current Queensland and Northern Territory Governments and Australian Maritime regulation authorities.